Acing Coeliac UK Audit during Gluten Free Fortnight

Acing Coeliac UK Audit during Gluten Free Fortnight

For the ninth consecutive year, The Real Food Cafe has proudly received an A grade certification from Coeliac UK. 

Unannounced Audit from Coeliac UK

Coeliac uk accreditation logoTalk about erfect timing! On October 27th, in the midst of a bustling lunchtime, just two days befre the conclusion of Gluten Free Fortnight 2023, we had an unannounced visit from Coeliac UK for a comprehensive audit of our gluten free food handling processes.

We're thrilled to announce that, for the ninth year in a row, we achieved an A grade as an Accredited Caterer and you can view our gluten free menu here

The Real Food Cafe team delivering Coeliac Uk Accreditation during gluten free fortnight

A special mention goes to our dedicated team members, Alex Bota and Andrei Madalin, who successfully managed the audit during a busy shift, and Mirela and Colin, whose meticulous pre-audit preparations made this achievement possible.

Celebrating Gluten Free Fortnight with Industry Visitors

But wait, there's more...during Gluten Free Fortnight, The Real Food Cafe not only faced the unannounced Coeliac UK audit but also welcomed a series of industry visitors. Our sponsors, partners, and supporters couldn't miss out on joining us in celebrating and learning more about what Gluten Free Fortnight was all about.

Mcwhinney's sausages Bigfoot visits the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum

The first week of Gluten Free Fortnight brought a delightful surprise. Joe from McWhinney’s Sausages, made a memorable entrance, donning a Bigfoot costume that sparked excitement among both our team and customers . Our Gluten Free Fortnight menu includes McWhinney's Gluten Free battered sausage and Bigfoot obviously had to taste test our preparation of it. The verdict? Bigfoot left with an ear-to-ear smile.

In the second week, we had the pleasure of hosting esteemed industry partners. Sean, the Sales and Marketing Director from T. Quality Limited, the UK's leading wholesaler of Fish and Chips, Fast Food, and Catering Supplies, paid us a visit. Additionally, Warren from Kerry Foodservice, the manufacturer of Goldensheaf gluten-free batter mixture that we use for our gluten-free fish & chips, joined the gathering.

We're incredibly grateful to Kerry and T. Quality for sponsoring Stirling & Forth Valley Gluten Free Fortnight

Finally, we had a visit from Carolyn from Forth Valley Food and Drink C.I.C.who also came to see how Gluten Free Fortnight was going. 


Win a Gluten Free Hamper

For anyone who visited us during Gluten Free Fortnight (14-29 October 2023), we have a special treat in store. You can enter our prize draw for one of the two fantastic hampers loaded with gluten free goodies. All you need to do to enter to win a hamper is to click here but hurry, you only have until the end of the month!

Gluten free products hamper