Front Cover Superstars!

Front Cover Superstars!

At the café we are fortunate enough to have an excellent trade association, The National Federation of Fish Fryers backing us up and supporting us, which can be invaluable to a small independent business.

They publish a monthly magazine for members amongst lots of other activity which includes running training courses, work on sustainability, waste reduction and carrying out quality audits.
This month, we are super proud to be cover story which takes the readers on a journey from us starting out in a derelict Little Chef in 2005 to where we are today. Click the following link to view it.
We are holders of The National Federation of Fish Fryers Quality Award and The Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody and licensees of the MSC blue ecolabel for our sustainable fish.


The Fryers Quality Award is earned by businesses that undergo a rigorous audit which is carried out by The National Federation of Fish Fryers into all of the processes and procedures involved in making and serving top quality fish and chips consistently.

Businesses that display the Fryers Quality award logo are ones that the public should feel most confident about being served delicious and responsible sourced fish & chips.


The MSC blue ecolabel is awarded to businesses that can prove they have practices in place which merit being part of the MSC Chain of Custody. This means that they can trace the fish marked with the blue ecolabel on the menu back to the vessel and area of the ocean it was caught in and through every stage of its journey in between until it arrives on your plate. It also means that the fish has been caught in well managed and sustainable waters and that the fishing method used has been monitored and is considered appropriate. 

Customers that are concerned about the environmental impact of fishing on fish stocks and the effect on the condition of the ocean can have confidence that the fish they choose when they see this label is being caught with the proactive management of these important environmental factors very much in mind.​