Meet The Real Food Cafe's Chipologist, Vaido

Meet The Real Food Cafe's Chipologist, Vaido

Our fantastic team are our family and we want you all to meet and get to know them. Today, we're presenting Vaido. He's the person who looks after the preparation process of our award-winning chips. In his 9 years at the Real Food Cafe, he's turned a few hundred kilos of potatoes into potato chips ready for frying. A true master chipologist. 

What is your name and where are you from?
My full name is Vaidotas Masaitis and I'm from Lithuania.

If you were to describe yourself in 5 words what would you say?Commitment to quality, patience, honesty, responsibility, loyalty.

When did you join the team at The Real Food Café?
I've joined the team 3 March 2014 which means I've been with the company for 9 years now. 

What's the best thing about working at the Real Food Cafe?
The best thing about working at the RFC is that you can feel that you are a part of the family and you are cared about.

Can you tell us about your job role at The Real Food Café?
I am the chipologist. My responsibilities include the preparation of fish and chips to the highest quality, chicken breast preparation, batter and gluten free batter preparation.

I also accept and check over deliveries and work as a kitchen porter.  


How many kilos of chips do you prepare per year?
During the summer I prepare 10 25kg bags each day from Monday to Thursday and from Friday to Sunday I make 10 to 16 25kg bags each day.

Outwith the season I prepare  3 to 10 25kg bags every day.  

What do you think is the most important part of making great chips? 

Knowledge and passion about it.

What do you get up to when you aren’t working?
When I'm not working usually I go do some shopping, watch movies or listen to music.

Do you have favourite local walk or spot you can recommend around Tyndrum and beyond? 
I like the West Highland Way and Ben Nevis. 

What is your favourite place in Scotland?
My favourite place in Scotland is Stirling. The way Stirling Castle stands and The Wallace Monument are set in the scenery is breathtaking.

What is your favourite dish on The Real Food Café menu?
My favourite dish on The Real Food Cafe menu is the traditional Fish and Chips and I can't go without the chipologist breakfast roll with 3 sausages and 2 strips of bacon.