New EV Charging Era at The Real Food Cafe

New EV Charging Era at The Real Food Cafe

The Real Food Cafe has had an electric vehicle charger since 2018 but it was time for an upgrade. 

We wanted to make sure that the customer experience and reliability of the facility are improved and remain consistent. 

We're pleased to announce that our new FOR:EV charging station is fully operational fulfilling our EV charging service at the Café. 

We hope that this will be the dawn of a new and far better EV experience for us as a hospitality business and our EV-driving customers. 

We hope that installing this charger will improve EV drivers' experiences on our part of the A82. Although, we are aware that the charging network in rural Scotland is very fragmented. 

The availability of the EV charger at our Cafe is down to our aim to do the right thing for the environment and provide a reliable and convenient service for our EV-driving customers. 

While you charge you car, you can wait inside our cosy Cafe or sunbathe on our outside terrace (if the weather permits) and enjoy our freshly brewed coffee with a piece of homemade cake or our award-winning fish & chips, burgers or salads. Trust us when we say there is something for everyone to choose from on our menu. We're a Coeliac UK accredited caterer, so everyone can be 100% confident we take food safety very seriously. Our food is sourced locally and as sustainably as possible. We serve the best of Scottish cuisine. 

If re-charging takes a little longer, you can also sit by the window in our Cafe and watch & identify birds as they visit our bird feeders. 

The charger is available to view on the Zap map.