Celebrating Three Five Years Anniversaries

Celebrating Three Five Years Anniversaries

Today we celebrate not just one but three special 5-year anniversaries. Raise a toast to Andrei, Angel, and Vladislava, who have been a part of our special team for five years now. 

This milestone is a testament to their commitment, passion for their work and appetite for continuous development. We couldn't be prouder to have them as an integral part of our team. Each member of our cafe brings a unique set of talents and skills to the table.

Andrei, Angel, and Vladislava have shown incredible progress over the five years. Some of their personal achievements include: 

  • SVQF Level 7 in Supervision & Hospitality Leadership.
  • National Federation of Fish Friers - NFFF Special skills training.
  • Cross development into Accounts and Bookkeeping.
  • Cross Development into Cake making and Bakery.
  • Management of the staff accommodation.

We want to thank them for their unwavering dedication, commend their outstanding achievements, and cherish their loyalty to our establishment. We're excited to see what the next five years have in store for them.