Pick n Chips: Meet Up- Clean Up - Eat Up - 2023 Litterpicking Events Announced

Pick n Chips: Meet Up- Clean Up - Eat Up - 2023 Litterpicking Events Announced

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2023 programme of community litterpicking events, Pick n' Chips!

This programme builds on the success of our litterpicks from the past years.  We started organising regular litterpicking events in 2021. Since then over 400 volunteers, aged from 1 to 81+ collected in excess of 2 tonnes (over 350 sacks) of litter.

We believe that everyone benefits from a cleaner, healthier environment, and that it is our collective responsibility to make that happen. That's why we have taken up the challenge of keeping our surroundings litter-free. Our team is passionate about environmental stewardship, and we are delighted to invite you to join us in this endeavour.

Our 2023 programme includes six litterpicks in the Tyndrum area over the course of 6 months starting on Sunday May 21 through to Sunday Oct 29. Our events friendly and open to all. We encourage families, friends, and community groups to participate.

As we launch Pick 'n' Chips, we are excited to introduce our new motto: "Meet Up - Clean Up - Eat Up" and show you the campaign's logo. 

The campaign's slogan encompasses the essence of our litterpicks completely; we meet over freshly baked scones, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, then pick litter and afterwards share a delicious meal (fish & chips or equivalent) as a reward. 

This year, we are introducing a £5 charge (£3 for children) towards the cost of the food, drink and loan of the equipment, (if however you can't afford it, just let us know quietly and it'll still be free).

In 2021 when we launched our first litterpicking campaign, the response was fantastic, so much so that we decided to ask volunteers to register in advance this year, so that we can better control the numbers and ensure that the litterpicks remain safe and that we can serve everyone well.

It's free to sign up and if you change your mind, just go back and cancel your registration. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign to litterpick u via Eventrbite.

Litterpicking is a fantastic opportunity for people to make a positive impact on the local environment. It is a curiously therapeutic outdoor activity with no screen time that will benefit our beautiful environment and wildlife.

It will make you feel good and help you create new relationships with like-minded people. On top of that, you also get to enjoy some delicious food.

We have launched Pick N Chips with the vision of expanding it across the country and organising coordinated social litterpicks across Scotland with other businesses. Get in touch, if you'd like our concept and want to make a positive difference in your community.

To learn more about our Pick 'n' Chips programme, please visit the Pick N Chips webpage